How To Optimize An Android-app For Google Play

How to optimize an Android-appfor Google Play

The algorithm that determines the rankings of apps in Google Play is kept in secret. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t promote your own program. The tips that you are about to see will help you make your app more recognizable not only for Google Play, but for your potential customers.

Collect Appropriate Keywords

First and foremost, you have to be certain about the keywords and phrases that you are using. As long as you operate with the right keywords, it will be easier for Google Play to detect your app. Apart from this, being clever with keywords helps identify the areas that need to be improved. Without this vital information, it’s impossible to tell whether the chosen optimization is working or not.

When picking keywords for targeting, pay attention to the following factors: relevance, competition and traffic. The most important thing to realize is that your keywords have to be tightly linked with your app. In other words, you have to be convinced that people typing these keywords would want to download your program. Afterwards, take a look at the keywords with less competition – as a rule, they are more useful for promotion. Finally, after having gone through first two factors, you may turn to traffic. Work with those directions that will give the best results.

Add Keywords To The Tile Of Your App

Adding keywords to the heading of your app will positively affect its promotion in Google Play. However, keep in mind that there is 30-symbols restriction. Because of that, select your keywords wisely.

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Add Keywords To The App’s Description

Here, you have much more freedom – since Google allows around 4000 symbols to be used for description. As it was mentioned, keywords are crucial for the app’s promotion. That’s why it is highly recommended that you use them at least 5 times in description. Thus, there is no point in increasing the frequency of keywords – it won’t improve the result. At the same time, try to make your description engaging and interesting to read. If properly structured, your description can attract a great bunch of potential customers.

Make People Like Your App

If you do your best to make this app useful and practical, you will certainly receive some positive feedbacks, which will get you to the top of rankings. By being responsive towards the feedbacks, you can also increase the level of fuss surrounding your app.

Rankings, however, are not the only thing you should care about. Other components influence the position of your app in Google Play as well: downloads, the dynamics of installations and removals, frequency of app’s usage. That’s why you’d better work out the way to improve all these things. In spite of this, the paramount criterion that plays the biggest role is the quality of the app itself.

Spend more than sufficient amount of time to double check your app. See whether everything is working the way it should be. The app has to be 100% completed before its launch. Hence, if you find some faulty features, you’d better fix them first and then introduce app to the market.

Make A Viral Video-ad

Google Play gives the ability to show video-ads. If you don’t post anything, you will miss a priceless chance to attract new users. YouTube, being the property of Google, will help you install your video. Upload it to YouTube and add it your profile.

Don’t forget that the video itself has to be short, dynamic and eye-catching. Nobody would waste five minutes listening to the reasons why everybody should download your app. People will simply turn to your competitors or die of boredom.

Make Informative Screenshots

In addition to video-ads, you have to impress people with your screenshots. Especially, it will be useful for users who don’t have an access to fast-speed Internet – they simply won’t be able to watch your video. In such case, they can only see your screenshots.

Select the most informative and quality screenshots. Remember to show the reasons why everyone should download your app.

Don’t Forget About The Unique Logo

Without any doubts, video-ads and screenshots are good, but a fascinating logo is even better. That’s why you have to put a lot of efforts into it – make sure it has an extensive resolution. If you want some hints regarding the graphics, you will find useful scrutinizing this article.

External Links

Android-developers can also use the traffic coming from web-space. The more well-known links and sponsors your app has, the better it is for its rankings.

Do everything to draw the attention of publicity. For instance, you can start blogging to tell people about your app. Aside from this, you can get in touch with famous reviewing-organizations. Ask them to evaluate your app and post some sort of feedback on their web-resource.

Conclusive Remarks

Looking above, there are the most essential steps that you have to take if you really want to make your app recognizable in Google Play. Before everything, you’d better use them first. Only after going through each of them, you can switch to something else.