How To Launch And Optimize An Advertising Campaign On YouTube

How to launch and optimize an advertising campaign on YouTube

You can spend months developing your video: hiring proficient movie-makers, seeking actors, purchasing expensive equipment and other stuff. At the end of the day, you will undoubtedly get a splendid product. However, you cannot allow yourself to stop at this stage. It’s tremendously important to create a perfectly coherent campaign on the platform called YouTube. This is the only way to get 100% dedication from your target audience. Apart from this, it has to be emphasized that the structure of the typical YouTube-campaign differs from social media campaign or the PPC. To be successful and achieve desirable goals, you have to possess certain piece of knowledge about the platform you’re operating on.

The Launch

First and foremost, quality video-product is essential for your YouTube campaign. To get the highest possible result, you need to keep a few points in mind:

  1. Quality. Your video has to be of an astonishing quality: that’s the only way to raise interest and attention.

  2. Plot. With reference to many studies, you have only 8 seconds to make an ordinary viewer interested in your product. That’s why it is so important to think through the beginning of your video. Needless to say, the remaining part of the video has to be entertaining as well.

  3. Duration. This point has to be treated with an extreme caution. If you’re planning a short video (to encourage people to click on your link or like your post), your target duration has to be no longer that 15-20 seconds. The interesting thing is that no rules can be applied to viral videos. It can range from 5 minutes to 25 minutes: as long as it holds viewers’ attention, the duration of it doesn’t really matter.

  4. Versatility. Why don’t you create a couple of videos and compare their effectiveness? Some ideas can be successful, while others can turn out to be futile. Make your own research and find the best formula.

  5. Be unique. Uniqueness is always eye-catching. Try adapting your product to various platforms, make it watchable on every possible device.

  6. CTA (Call to Action). This can be a subscription button, or your website’s link. Think about the place and state of CTA button. The best solution would be to apply a few layers with buttons on them.

  7. Add subtitles. An automatic generation of subtitles on YouTube isn’t that reliable. That’s why you’d better write them on your own. It can happen that some viewers don’t have an access to audio, thus the only solution for them is subtitle option. Aside from this, you can add a couple of different languages (depending on your target audience).

  8. Evaluate your viewers. Sometimes, your ad may pop out for completely random people. Don’t forget to mention what is the purpose of this ad. By doing this, you will avoid pointless expenses on random viewers.

Choose The Format That Suits You The Best

Video hosting offers 6 different options for every channel:

  1. Banners 300х250 located at the right side of a video.

  2. Transparent layer below the video.

  3. TrueView – ad-videos that are played before, during or after the main video.

  4. TrueView adverts – random videos that are played for viewers having similar interests as your company.

  5. Obligatory ads that are non-passable. These ads are shown at the beginning of the video that any viewer is watching. Also, they can be placed at the very end.

  6. Video-ads shown at the first page of YouTube.

The mechanism of TrueView-ads works as follows: you don’t pay unless viewer clicks on your ad or watches it for more than 30 seconds. That’s why it’s highly recommended to start with them (if you are a complete freshman in the world of YouTube campaigns).

Other types of promotion-tools (apart from TrueView) are much more expensive and less effective.

How Do You Target Your Audience?

For every clip you make, there is an option to set a specific target in the column called Targets. It shows your video-product to more relevant audience. There are some points that you should remember:

  • Clever usage of targeting. You can choose interests, gender, age and other relevant options. The more precise you are, the better results you will have. Remember not to overdo: it may happen that nobody will ever fit your criteria.

  • Name your groups for targeting, this will help you to keep everything organized. If your ad-campaign is oriented to attract webmasters, you can call your target group «Web-designers – only TrueView».

  • If your ad is focused around key words, you have to find analogical terms with alike definitions. Promoting textbooks about web-design, you have to concentrate on the following phrases: «web-design manual», «how to learn web-design», «web-design for dummies». It’s recommended to choose up to 20 words for one group.

  • Get rid of irrelevant viewers and work on your targeting. You probably don’t want to see your web-design ads being displayed during cartoons for children.

Some tips to consider before launching your YouTube campaign:

  • Choose wisely the regions and languages that will be compatible with your ads. This will prevent you from wasting your money on pointless ads shown to people who don’t even have an access to your product.

  • Plan your upload-time. YouTube allows managing the time for your ads. For the vast majority of campaigns, it’s indeed a very useful feature. However, in some cases, it can be more appropriate to show ads at particular time of the day.

  • Set up your rotation. Develop various ads to see which ones are the most effective. Accordingly, optimize the ones that bring less benefit.

  • Limit the frequency. The most optimal decision would be to show your ad one time per day. In addition to this, you can limit the ad for those who have already seen it.

  • Choose devices. You can make it work for tablets and mobile devices. A lot of advertising campaigns stick only with computers.

  • Pick the place and state. All 6 regimes were described above. For some variants, you have to select a specific name (no more than 25 symbols) and description (no more than 35 symbols).

Another alternative is to mention the URL-link of your web-resource to make it more convenient for your potential viewers.

How To Set Up Bids On YouTube-ads

According to manually designed settings, every channel owner starts with a standard bet. However, below you can find a special link that shows all the possible formats of bidding on YouTube. While choosing a certain bidding system, you can see the expected number of views every day. Dynamics of YouTube are ever-evolving, that’s why it’s advisable to make daily reports and analyze your ad-returns thoroughly.

How To Set Up A Metrica

To see whatever statistical information, you need to check the toolbar, click Companies and pick Columns. You will be shown options to make your metrica much more informative. Especially, you will find beneficial information relevant to approximate views and bidding.


Only now marketing develops are starting to treat YouTube as the most effective form of modern advertising. If you are planning to promote your business, there is no better place than YouTube. As time goes by, competition will rise and price will heighten as well. By applying all the knowledge you’ve gained from this article, you can easily avoid fatal mistakes that most freshmen do. Make sure you use this information in the most efficient way possible!