SEO Optimization - The Main Ranking Factors

The website presence on the first page of search results is critically important for your business! According to statistics by Forester Research, 75% of search traffic comes from the transition from the first webpage of search results, and 90% comes from the first and second webpages in total. The visibility of a website in search results depends on the ranking algorithms of search engines. Being in TOP10 of search results depends on many factors influencing the increase or decrease of the website ranking in the search results.

We have made a list of the main factors influencing the successful promotion and tried to visualize the data. View the infographic below for more details:

SEO - the main ranking factors

Technical Factors:

- Proper structure and hierarchy of the website

- The size of downloaded html-code less than 200kb

- The load speed of webpages not more then 4-5 seconds

- Check of HTTP status codes (3xx, 4xx and 5xx)

- Identification and elimination of duplicate pages

- Setting the correct 301 redirects

- Correct display of 404 error

- Correct rel = canonical tags

- Pagination troubleshooting

- Validity of HTML / CSS code

- Correctness of marking

- Correct displaying on mobile devices

Indexing Factors:

- Flash does not contain an important information for indexing

- Setting up the primary mirror ( or

- Adjustment of the robots.txt file

- Adjustment of sitemap.xml file

- Availability of breadcrumbs

- The use of reference blocks

- Removing broken and nofollow links for relinking

- The main webpage includes the links to important webpages

- Important webpages are available in not more than two clicks away from the main webpage

- Using absolute links rather than relative ones

- Internal links using keywords

- Total number of internal links on the webpage is less than 100

- External links are closed from indexing by noindex, nofollow tags


- Reflection of the structure of the website in URL-addresses

- Use of the HURLs (human-readable URLs)

- Using less than 100 characters in URL-addresses

- Use of keywords in the URL-address


- Analysis of niche and collection of core keywords for analysis

- Collecting variations phrases based on kernel of principal requests

- Screenings irrelevant keywords

- Subgrouping of the final list of words and targeting


- Tag Title determines the essence of the webpage, contains the keywords and is no longer than 70 characters

- Meta-Description contains relevant webpage description, keywords and has a length of less than 130 characters

- Using unique, useful and readable content (minimum 300 words)

- Optimization of subtitles H2-H6 under the key query

- Optimization of content pages for keywords

- Control of over-optimization

- Properly filled ALT-tags for images (capture the main point and include keywords)

- Identification and elimination of duplicate content

- Identify and eliminating non-unique content

- Identifying and eliminating invisible content

External Factors Of Promotion:

- Analysis and optimization of external link weight

- Studying strategies and competitors’ link profile

- Drafting link building strategy

- Increasing of qualitative link weight


- Setting up analyst systems

- Customize tracking purposes

- Rights confirmation in the webmasters’ toolbar in Google Webmasters Tool

- Setting the correct region for the website

Conversion And Usability Optimization:

- A user-friendly navigation

- Smart layout

- Well-targeted conversion paths

- Availability of detailed contact information

- Detailed description of delivery terms, return and guaranties

- Clear pricing policy, pricing webpage

- Online chat, quick support

- Optimal structure of 404-webpage

- Reviews and ratings are located in a noticeable position

- Absence of annoying pop-ups


The last stage of the optimization can be called the maintenance of achieved positions. This stage is infinite as it implies permanent work on the website and beyond.

To maintain the achieved positions it is necessary to monitor changes in the ranking algorithms of search engines, monitor the quality of links and decline malicious links. It is essential to monitor the actions of competitors and new preferences of your target audience.

Use only safe methods for the website promotion and your website will remain in the TOP for a long time!