Short Manual On How To Optimize Contextual Ads

Short manual on how to optimize contextual ads

There are times when contextual ads turn out to be completely ineffective. In such cases, the vast majority of people simply give up, thinking that this way of promotion is just not eligible for their businesses. However, the truth is slightly different. Conventionally, the only problem lies in a poorly manageable optimization or its total absence.

Why Is Advertising Not Working?

There is a handful of reasons that can explain why Internet advertising isn’t working. Each of them is worth paying attention to. Therefore, there are some negative factors that you’d better consider:

  • lack of clicks

  • low quality traffic

  • low-positioned ads

  • decreased CTR

After dealing with one of the problems, you will see that the whole procedure isn’t as simple as it may look at first glance. That’s why it is highly advisable to treat optimization seriously and professionally from the very beginning. If you want your promotional campaign to be successful, there is a step-by-step list that you have to follow:

  1. Market analysis

  2. Preparation and launch of promotional campaign

  3. Examination of the first results

  4. Implementation of adjustments and refinement of the approach

Market Analysis

Take a close look at what your competitors are up to. What kind of marketing strategy are they adhering to? Examine the quality of their traffic and get to know what keywords they are using? All this information will be of an extreme benefit to you. Apart from this, pay attention to additional phrases that are relevant for Bing searching system. As for Google AdWords, there are 7 types of correspondence, starting from the context of key words and ending with an established order.

If you are working on the regional advertising, you have to take into account ‘minus-words’ that happen to be irrelevant for your target audience.

Preparation And Launch Of Promotional Campaign

This step is quite comprehensive. To succeed, you will need to develop a certain plan and stick to it. The best strategy is to follow the sequence that everybody is more than familiar with:

Preparation and launch of promotional campaign

  1. Selection of requests

  2. Allocation of keywords into separate groups

  3. Creation of commercial bans

  4. Development of landing pages

  5. Creation of the company devoted to specific products

  6. The eventual launch.

Keep in mind that before starting to design ads, you have to consider the required criteria that either Bing or Google AdWords demands to follow. For instance, Google AdWords wants all the ads to be completed in two rows, each of which includes 35 symbols (with spaces). Bing, in particular, allows one row containing up to 75 symbols. Aside from this, there is a slight difference in the formation of titles. Google wants no more than 25 symbols, while Bing accepts up to 33 symbols. If you are targeting your ads in Google AdWords, banners can be quite long – the same goes not only for Russian, but many other languages.

Examination Of The First Results

Analytics is predominantly needed to track all the possible changes in statistics. In Google AdWords, you have to establish PPC (price per click) and quality indicator. These two factors are tremendously crucial. That’s why you have to track all the changes happening with them. The only problem is that these two are tightly correlated – as one goes up, the other one goes down.

To enhance these factors, it is worthwhile monitoring the state of CTR. Initially, Google AdWords offers average CTR data. However, as time goes by, depending on your activity, this indicator may vary. Make sure that it doesn’t decrease by more than a half.

Implementation Of Adjustments And Refinement Of The Approach

Even though your results can be high at first, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this tendency will maintain in future. Without regular optimizations, no consistency is achievable. This implies that you can work on your promotional campaign for eternity. Based on analytical data, you can make needed changes and restructure damaged areas. Every text you put on the Internet has to be checked and monitored. For instance, if contextual ad has the lowest amount of views during a month, you have to substitute it by a new one.

Another great trick is to use colorful and eye-catching banners. They will turn out to be a great addition to your promotional campaign. Keep in mind that your Internet advertising is not only limited by a certain region. Don’t be afraid to expand it and try it out in new areas. Apart from this, you can always developnew campaigns for media-spaces and search engines.