7 Facilitations For AdWords That Save Time And Make Your Life Easier

7 simplifications for AdWords, which will save time and make life easier

The Pay Per Click (PPC) system is full of “time eaters”. Optimization of ad texts, research of keywords, major management, reporting, optimization of landing pages and other PPC tasks are very important elements of commercial search engine optimization. Even if they suck the life out of you and force you to spend your precious time on something that seems totally insignificant.

We suggest 7 advices on how to gain incredible results from AdWords, while minimizing your time losses.

№7. Eliminate Keyword Jumble

Delete Keyword Clutter

There is no need at all to keep dozens and hundreds of thousands of keywords in your account.

Sure enough, merely a few years ago you had to keep your eye on taking all possible keyword variations into account, including keywords with typos, keywords in plural, etc. However, last year Google had eliminated the requirement for precise and phraseological correspondence of keywords in AdWords.

Take a look at this example of an account: only 1.2% of keywords in the account provide all the responses.

Number of keywords

Therefore is would be pure insanity to try to maintain an account with over 98% of ineligible keywords. This way you merely overcomplicate the campaign management and reporting, which is a drag on your entire account. So you shall get rid of unsuccessful keywords after each controlled testing of their efficiency.

№6. Delete Irrelevant Ads

Why would an advertiser need 7’000 ads in a profile?! While it may sound insane, this is exactly the amount that was once found in one account.

If you look around, you may notice that such case is by far not the solitary one. Advertisers and tons of their non-producing ads that drag their accounts to the bottom are a widespread problem.

Don’t make such a mistake. Remember that in an exemplary account from above top 1% of ads generate over 99.5% of user responses. Therefore the rest ads are just useless trash.

the effectiveness of advertisements

How come you try so hard to keep all AdWords ads that don’t work? This makes your account overly complicated and scary, far more than it is necessary. AdWords is basically a game of quality vs. quantity. And you really only need one stellar ad for your PPC campaign to be a success.

Instead of trying to boil the ocean using hundreds or even thousands of ads, start using dynamic keyword insertion (DKI). The DKI replaces particular words in your ad with others that users are actually interested in. How well does it work? Study the example below, where the DKI allowed to increase the click-through ratio by 45% and skyrocket the conversion up to 228%!

№5. Delete Useless Lending Pages

Excessive lending pages are as harmful for you as worthless keywords and ads. They also waste your time for nothing. Any improvement of quality ratios as a result of increasing the number of lending pages is doomed to be insignificant. And as you take into account the amount of time your spend to create them, you may even find your efficiency negative rather than at break even.

Another common misconception is when you hope to increase conversion by using more target pages. However, it has been proven wrong. Instead, you may achieve some truly remarkable results by investing your time in testing and optimization of just several landing pages, thriving to bring them to perfection.

A/B landing test

So, how can one assess, if target pages provide a good enough conversion as compared to your expectations? Based on the analysis of hundreds of AdWords accounts we can safely pronounce that best landing pages in various industries have a conversion ratio of 11.45% or higher.

Ease the complexity of your account and save your time by making significant changes to lending pages rather than creating dozens of worthless duplicates of an ineffective landing page.

№4. Stop Worrying About Mobile Versions Of Landing Pages

Lately people became literally obsessed with mobile versions of landing pages, whereas in reality mobile conversion ratios remain quite low.

The average conversion

Further speaking, major share of conversions are related to a sector that companies don’t even associate with mobile phones for some reason. And phone calls account for the largest percentage of non-monitored conversions.

Phone calls are a very powerful weapon. They give your agents an opportunity to convince your potential customers and force them to act.

conversion rate

Average conversion of mobile versions of landing pages is 3%. The remaining 97% of your audience simply give bail from your website. And even if those that remained are interested in your offer, there is no guarantee of the sale. You’ll have to somehow contact them lately.

The Click-to-Call principle gives an opportunity to interested prospective clients to immediately contact your business’ representative without having to make 3 or more clicks on your website. Simply delete the link to your lending page and encourage people so that they would call you. You can find information on Google on how to set up direct phone calls from the search engine.

№3. See The True Value Of Ad Customizers

One may occasionally need to repeat the ad. But the question is, won’t they be just a worthless waste of time?

Let’s say your boss or client wishes to see a time keeper that shows how long the position is going to be on sale. Or, even worse, they might want that your ad would show the real-time amount of product available for sale. Trying to manage such repeating ads manually is incredibly difficult.

In these cases you should use ad customizers!

Modifier advertisements AD Customizers

They allow you to ad a portion of the code to your ad that is attached to your data table. This code will add current information about the model, brand, price and other required features into the ad. Such automation of the process allows you to save enormous amount of time and make your ads more relevant and efficient.

It’s safe to say that this upgrade is in top-10 among hundreds of those implemented in AdWords in 2014.

№2. Use Scripts For AdWords Reports

Reports are yet another cursed time-killer of the PPC system. Help yourself by introducing scripts to your AdWords campaigns. These portions of the code can be used to create custom reports or to automatically make adjustments to the account.

Reports and analytics

Scripts allow you to do anything: monitor dynamics of quality ratios, keep an eye on sharp increases of expenses, determine inefficient keywords, and much more.

Reports and analytics

At first sight it might seem complicated, however in reality it is normally much simpler in reality. The easiest way to use the capability of scripts in AdWords is not to involve yourself in coding, but to outsource all the dirty work to someone else. If you don’t have a proper professional around, search for communities dedicated to Google AdWords Scripts, visit FreeAdWordsScripts.com, or hire a freelancer, for God’s sake. Nowadays enormous amount of totally amazing scripts have been developed for all of life’s emergencies, and you can find many options online.

№1. Utilize Tools And Automation

The best way to stop wasting your time concentrating on the PPC is to use tools and platforms that help you manage your account better. Merely 20 minutes of your time spent efficiently early in a week shall allow you to ensure proper account performance throughout the entire 7-day period.