15 Strategies to Promote Content


15 strategies promotion content  


 In the era of content marketing, the quality of website content is its trump card. However, the content itself does not attract additional visitors to the webpage. You can spend days writing brilliant articles for a website or blog, but only a few will read them. Having an excellent content on the webpage is half the battle. The main secret is its use for subsequent content promotion and one has to spend even more time for this promotion than for creating content. However, itwillnotcostyouapenny


Below are fifteen proven successful strategies that are used by Internet marketing gurus to in order to attract targeted audience, increase the number of subscribers, motivate the audience and grow the link weight. No big deal, you can also use the suggested tools and evaluate their effectiveness.


1. Snip.ly.


It is a simple and effective tool that allows you to use popular and respected content to bring traffic to your own website. It is only necessary to select the material for the quotation, set up the message for Snip.ly to intrigue the audience (do not forget to indicate the source of interesting information) and get a link and use it to spread on blogs and social networks. The advantage of the tool is that it allows you to assess the effectiveness of established "snips", tracking the number of clicks on the link.


 How it works:


1. Go to Snip.ly and start working, enter the webpage URL and press "Snip". Please note that it can be any website over the Internet. This will give you an advantage in the number of backlinks to your website.



Интерфейс сервиса Snip.ly



2. You will see different types of actions like link, button, form and image. In this example we will use the http://www.gamesradar.com for webpage URL and "http://www.jezweb.com.au", to get a link back to when someone clicks the button. Click "Create" button to continue.



Интерфейс сервиса Snip.ly_ввод URL




3. Copy the shortlink and share it on social networks or blogs. 



Получение shortlink в Sniply




 4. Anyone who visits your "snipped" content will be redirected to your website by clicking the button.



Пример snipped контента



The simplicity of Snip.ly makes this website handy and you will definitely want to check its effectiveness.




2. Weekly Review of Blogs.



 Weekly review of news by links can be one of the most overlooked marketing strategies to promote content. Specifically there should be a link to your resource to make the target audience notice it.


First you need to find the most interesting and popular industry surveys, which are published regularly.


So, we input the needed query on your topic:




поиск необходимого контента в Google




 You can enter more specific queries to get better results:



"Roundup" + your field of expertise

"Weekly Roundup link" + your field of expertise

~ KW + "Roundup"



 Weekly Roundup


"KW" + Inurl: summary

"KW" + intitle: summary


 If there is a specific website which you would like to see in the results, it is needed to use the following search string if they publish a roundup link, -


website: domain.com + "summary"



Make sure that you have set up everything correctly and that Google displays the results for past month only:



выбор периода поиска в Google




Next, type the query in Twitter search:


Ввод запроса в поиске Twitter




You will need to make sure that you input wide search queries to increase the number of results displayed


Результат поиска в Twitter



 After obtaining the desired results, make a list of sites which regularly publish reports and take note of their contact information.

The next step is a proposal to a blogger to publish your content in the review. This can be done through e-mails or messages in social networks.




3. Building up the Link Weight.



How to increase the number of links to your website? Most likely, they will be willingly placed by online resources that currently link to websites similar to yours. The web resources which are on top of search queries have larger number of links. To find them you will need to use a backlinks service, for example, Open Site Explorer and Ahref.



Let’s overview some examples of using Ahrefs service:



Firstly, you need to do a quick search at Google to determine the output on your topic


 Быстрый поиск в Google



Next, copy the URL of the upper search result. This resource is likely to have a large number of quality links referring to it.


Enter the URL in the field to check the backlinks in Ahref



Использование сервиса Ahref




Go to "inbound links" and select "Links" -



Выбор параметра отображения ссылок в Ahref



 You will see the list of all webpages referring to this page URL



Пример выдачи результатов в сервисе Ahref



After studying the resources that link to these top websites, you can contact their owners and offer them a new and interesting content - the one which is placed on your website.


Always use this technique for the top 10 search results and you'll have a good list of promising resources for providing links to your content.






The more resources are engaged to supervise the content while promoting your website, the better. One of these resources is Scoop.It, where interesting material from various network resources is collected and posted in a format of magazine. By creating a free account here, you will be able to offer your own materials to owners of the most widely read webpages which are close to the themes promoted by Internet resource. If this material is really good, there will be a reverse link on the owner’s webpage which will provide you with targeted traffic. Of particular interest are the Scoop users who have a lot of subscribers in Twitter, the audience is willing to share the information in this popular microblogging social network.



 That’s how Scoop.It interface looks like:




Интерфейс Scoop.lt




 This webpage PR3 has 27000 views



 So we need to create an account, press “Topics” and choose “Create Topic”


создание темы в Scoop,lt



Make sure, that the chosen topic coincides with your content 


 Then search for the webpages close to your topic in Scoop.It



Поиск контента в Scoop.lt




Make sure that your landing pages with content have great views and ideally have a large number of followers in Twitter. Usually active "scoopers" also share content to Twitter.

Tip: Follow people with Most Viewed pages in Scoop who have many followers in Twitter.



 Now, let’s go ahead with the content suggestion.

Go to one of the most popular Scoop.It webpage and click on "Suggest"



Предложение публикации  контента в Scoop.lt



Website owner will be notified that you are offering content for his/her Scoop.It webpage and if he likes your content, it will be published and you will have the link that will produce targeted traffic to your website.


Scoopers usually publish their webpages on Scoop.It and Twitter, so you can potentially get a double effect for your website.


 Tip: To increase the quality of the received results from Scoop.It, click the drop-down list next to the search bar and see whether there is a category that related to your content.



Совет по поиску в scoop.lt



Then press “Recommended Topics” tab



Вкладка "рекомендованые темы" в Scoop.lt




You will be presented with a list of popular topics in Scoop.It, related to the desired category. Try to offer your own content to any of the relevant webpages.



Предложение контента в Scoop.lt



 For example, on the similar webpages with more than 28 100 views.



Then check if the owner of the Scoop.It is active in Twitter:


проверка владельца страницы Scoop.lt в Twitter




Follow this webpage and try to establish contact with the owner. This will allow you to attract more audience to your resources.




5. Google Plus Communities.



Here people share information, opinions and links on any topic. You just need to find those communities that are close to the themes promoted by the resource, sign up with them and start to post information that is interesting to community audience. The more thematic communities you manage to cover, the more traffic your website gets.



Let’s search for the needed community:


Поиск сообществ в google+




Next enter a subject in the search field: 



Поиск тематики в Google+





We look through the results and join all the communities that suit the subject:



Выбор сообщества по тематике в Google+




 Next, copy the URL of your content and go back in your Google Plus profile.


Paste the URL in the "Link" field and add message which calls attention.


Сообщение со ссылкой в Google+




When placing the content do not forget to choose relevant community topics where you want to submit it:



Выбор сообщества по подходящей теме в Google+




 Now your content will be displayed to people, who are interested in this topic. These readers are likely to interact with the content and click links to your website.


Tip: When adding the posts into several communities, it is recommended to modify the text so that the GooglePlus service moderation will not mark it as spam.




6. SubReddits.



 Reddit is the popular social news website that allows registered users to post links to information found in the network. To structure the communication, Reddit created the subsections - SubReddits, bringing together people of similar interests who share interesting content here. Any material that is placed in Reddit, always belongs to one of the subsections. Some of them are probably of similar topic to your website. This is an excellent opportunity to share information. The more users will give their votes to the suggested content, the higher this post is in the subsection. The website includes the active participation of users in their communities:  you need to vote for someone else's content, leave comments, post various information in order the information is not marked as spam.



 Go to Reddit website and register a free account.

After logging into the system, press “Submit a new link”.



Добавление новой ссылки в Reddit




Then enter an intriguing topic, enter the URL of your website and choose subreddit, connected to the topic of your content.



Использование сервиса Reddit




Press “submit”.


Another option is to send the content in the form of text.


Follow the same procedure as with the URL, but this time select "Text" at the top of the webpage.


Выбор типа текст в Reddit




 Now enter a catchy title for your content with a link to the full version of the content on your website.


Добавление текста в Reddit




Using the text format, gives your audience understanding about what they will find in your post and therefore will be effective in increasing the CTR of your website.


Tip: Make sure you interact with other users’ content within subreddits.  Vote, comment and share other content. If you use the platform for self-promotion only, you will be banned quickly. 




7. In the Right Place at the Right Time.



 The greatest benefit will bring those messages in social networks, which will be read by the target audience. Special services available in TwitterGoogle Plus and Facebook, will willingly prompt when it is the best time to publish the posts. Tweriod option on Twitter in the form of visual graph shows the exact time when the greatest numbers of your subscribers are online during the week or over the weekend. This information will help to adjust the time to make a post. A similar service in Facebook is called Facebook Insights and for Google Plus it is Timing +.


Below are the steps to do so:





Интерфейс Tweriod



 Click "Go to Dashboard" on the main page and then log into your Twitter account.


Then choose “My Analysis" tab.



Анализ аудитории в Tweriod




Now you can see the time when a large number of your Twitter followers are online and it is likely that your content will get the most attention.



График активности аудитории в Twitter




 Use this information to place the content at the highly effective time.




Facebook Insights



 Log into your Facebook account and choose “Indights” tab.



Использование сервиса Facebook Insights




Next, click on “Posts” tab. 



 Выбор вкладки сообщения в Facebook Insights



Now you can observe the day and time when your followers are online at Facebook.



График активности в Facebook Insights






Timing +



Log into Timing+  and your Google account.


 Now you can see the posts which get maximum attention and the ideal time.



Статистика сообщений в Timing+




Now, you can plan the time when you may post the content successfully.




Планирование размещения контента в Timing+





8. Searching for Target Audience at Facebook.



To make the message "work", it should be addressed to the right people. Lookalike Audiences is a tool that allows users to make their own lists of target audiences via Power Editor. The basis of the formation is the list of contacts from your email box or website visitors for a certain period. The last ones look particularly attractive as a target audience, because they have already shown some interest by visiting the website.



Here are the steps:

Log into your Facebook account and choose Power Editor in the navigation bar on the left.



Работа с Lookalike Audiences




Now choose “Audiences” from the drop-down list in the top right corner.



Выбор публики в Lookalike Audiences



Click “Create Audience” and choose the source which you would like to use. If you have a MailChimp account, you may create your own audience which includes all the contacts from your account. If you use another e-mail provider, you can export contacts and create your own audience.



Поиск аудитории в Lookalike Audiences





Click on "public" and select “Lookalike Audience”:



Поиск похожей аудитории в Lookalike Audiences



Select the audience, where you want your Lookalike Audience to be presented. In this case, it will be a list of e-mail addresses under the name “LF Leads”. 



Представление LF Leads в Lookalike Audeinces





You will be able to optimize Lookalike Audience of “accessibility” or “similarity”. This will depend on the goals of your campaign.

 Now create a Facebook post to advertise new content. Use your Lookalike Audience to promote the content within the audience with similar interests to your existing followers and customers.



 Tip: You can also create custom audience of the (WCA) website using Facebook’s Power Editor Tool.

WCA will allow you to redirect users who previously visited your website. It is a powerful tool of targeting, because these users have already expressed an interest in your content.



How to do it:

Open Power Editor and press “Create Audience” >> “Custom Audience”.



12.03.15-ru использование Power Editor Tool




Next, choose “custom audience from your website”.

Give the title and description of the audience. Then specify whether you want to cover all visitors or only those users who visit a particular webpage on your site.

Set the duration. This will depend on the industry you work in. If a period of sales is long, set the duration for 60-90 days.



Настройка периода в Power Editor Tool



Press “Create” button.

Finally, copy and paste Facebook retargeting in <head> section of your website.

Your WCA will grow as users visit your website.




9. Benefit from Using Snippets.



Once posting valuable information, some bloggers just forget about it. But a certain post may remain unnoticed by the target audience and needs to be repeated. Republishing the post under the same title is not the best idea. Similar messages will look like spam. After reviewing the material, which is referred to the post in social network, you can think of more than a dozen snippets that can "hook" the audience. Try to use the wording in the form of question, quotes, and interesting statistical figures. If you regularly publish issue-related posts under the various headings, you will be able to attract the maximum attention of the target audience and will not seem intrusive.



Let's consider the example of the blog:


A simple way is to change the title



Заголовок в сниппетах



 Also the title can be used in the form of question



Вопрос в сниппетах




You may use the title as a quote


Заголовок в виде цитаты



 By publishing thematic posts under the various headings on a regular basis, you will be able to attract the maximum attention of the target audience and will not seem intrusive.




10. Promoting New Information, Based on Popularity of Old one.



To find out what resources are available as quickly as possible to promote updated information, use the statistics on the website like Google.Analytics. Here it is easier to understand what webpages were of the highest popularity and define the source of the transitions on these webpages. It’s worth looking for target audience on these webpages as it will acquire the information which appears on your website with interest.


Let’s look at the usage of analytics as a matter of practice:


Click on the "Behavior" in your analytics account and select "All Pages"



Выбор всехстраниц в аналитике




Take a look at the information that shows the number of pageviews and duration of the session



Информация в аналитике





  You can also click "Landing Pages" and see where people are coming to your website from. You can see what pages are most frequently visited and the webpages where the users spend a lot of their time.


Next, using the tab "Dashboard" you can determine which content on your website is the most popular in social networks.


Утановка параметров в аналитике



Press “Forward”.

 The tool will generate a report that will contain the indices of social activity on your website.



As the result, you'll know what the most viewed webpages are and the place where the internal links to the rest of the content should be placed.


This is a great opportunity to improve the ranking of your webpages and attract traffic to the resource.




11. BuzzBundle.


A unique program that allows you to track the thematic information in social networks. It is just needed to download the app, fill in the keywords that should be present in the discussion and go through a simple registration. The program will generate a list of active conversations on the subject which can be joined. It is hardly possible to find the most of them some other way. 


The app allows you to view information in:

  • Social networks
  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Q&A websites


Here's how it looks in practice:

After you have installed the BuzzBundle free app, start it and click "Start new project"


создание нового проекта в Buzz Bundle




Click "Add Keyword Group" and enter keywords and URL-addresses which you would like to track. For this example we will use "link building".

введение запроса в Buzz Bundle



You will see a list of resources, which cover content and discussions on this topic 



выдача результата в Buzz Bundle




The process of report generation can take some time.


The sections which are marked in grey are only available in paid version. A free account gives you access to only 30% of the information which is technically sufficient to promote your content.



Create Account


Once you choose the keywords and URL-addresses which you want to track, it's time to create your profile. This profile will be used to take part in discussions online.


создание профиля в Buzz Bundle





Enter your username, password, e-mail and e-mail password.

Then you can add your social media profiles.



добавление профиля социальных сетей в Buzz Bundle




Now you are ready to start "buzzing!"



Getting effect from Buzz Bundle


When the registration is completed and the keywords are added, click "Find Buzz" button.

You can also filter the types of Websites which you would like to be monitored.



Фильтр поиска по теме в  Buzz Bundle




 BuzzBundle will monitor the content of the websites, social media, forums, blogs and Q&A websites related to your keywords.

You can focus on the posts of people asking questions on a certain topic.


For example, this person asks about the various methods of link building on Twitter.



пример результата поиска в BuzzBundle



 You may suggest the link to your post:


предоставление ссылки в Buzz Bundle




 You can find a question on the forum and leave a link to your content.


спредложение контента на вопрос на форуме




This is an excellent strategy to attract your target audience and get more traffic to your website. It also provides an opportunity for networking directly through forums, blogs and Q&A websites, as well as networking indirectly through social activities.

The more the content will be shared, the more people will see it and the more likely that you will get the result.



 Concerning social activity…

BuzzBundle makes it possible to filter communication in social media. This is great if you can find content similar to yours.


фильтрация контента по социальным сетям в Buzz Bundle



 Input the URL of a website in the search filter and see the list of all people who are interested in this subject.


поиск людей по тематике в Buzz Bundle



You can offer your content this way:

"Hey, if you like [the post with the name of your topic], you can learn more here [your link]"

Now you have a powerful tool to find their target audience and get traffic to your website.




12. Outbrain.



The objective of the recommended content service is to offer the user information corresponding the requests. Such offer looks quite natural: You may have run into the some links to similar materials with a modest headline "you might also like". This trend is called “Natural online advertising”. You pay per click rather than view, which is very profitable - you only pay for clicks to your website. The more popular the content is, the more likely it will be offered to users.


Интерфейс Outbrain



The more clicks it gets, the more it will be recommended.

Outbrain can place your content on some well-known websites and attract the bulk of targeted traffic to the website.

Cost-per-click is relatively low compared to other advertising platforms (about $0.10 per one click).




13. Make the Website Accessible to Aggregators.



Most Internet users read new material on the websites of their interest. Instead of looking for a bookmark made in browsers and go through a dozens of webpages, they use the services of aggregators that automatically collect content from RSS feed. This interaction gives the reverse link to the owner of the website and the additional traffic. Links of great amount of aggregators are taken into account when calculating the citation index of the website. The largest aggregators (AllTopTechnorati and others) have millions of readers; thousands of them can be interested in the content of your website. All this can be obtained in exchange for a simple registration procedure.



Alltop, perhaps is one of the most respected aggregators on the Internet with millions of active monthly readers.


Check the backlink profile: (PR7)



Использование агрегатора  Alltop




 You can easily increase the page rank and targeted traffic to your website using this platform.



 Here's how to do it:

First, it is need to create "My Alltop" account and verify your email address.



Подтверждение аккаунта в Alltop



 Next, go to the bottom of the homepage and click "view".


Before submitting your website to Alltop, you will need to choose the most relevant content to your category.


 For most of the websites, especially WordPress, you can find your channel by the URL: yoursite.com/rss.


 To find the best category for your website, go to homepage and search by a keyword that relates to your content.



Запрос по теме онтента в Alltop



Alltop will provide you with a list of categories. Choose the best for your website.



Выбор категории для сайта в Alltop



 Finally, you will need to fill in the form


Форма отправки в Alltop



 Enter the description that indicates the reliability of your website in “Comments” section. This can be anything from a number of published reports to the ranking of the webpage or even the amount of awards and recognitions received.




14. LinkedIn Groups.


 Communication in social networks is not only an appeal to target audience, but also the opportunity to establish long-term business relations as the network is designed to build exactly this kind of communities. Using the subject-specific search, you can easily find several groups similar to your website, join them and start communicating. Another option which provides LinkedIn is sending a message directly to the needed person. You do not need to know his/her e-mail, just be at least in one group and send a request (a list of these groups can be found in user profile). If the person accepts it, you may contact him/ her via direct messages.



LinkedIn is one of the best sources of traffic


Траффик с LinkedIn





 Follow these advice on how to use LinkedIn group for the promotion of content.


Go to LinkedIn and do a search for keywords related to content or industry.

Select the "groups" from the drop down list next to the search bar.



Использование групп в Linkedin




You will see a list of groups associated to the keywords you entered.

Some of these groups have dozens of thousands of members:



Групы в Linkedin




 Make a request to join the groups related to your content. Then confirm this position in groups.

Make sure you interact with other members and content community. This is a good way to build links with influential people in your industry and promote your personal brand.



 LinkedIn groups also provide an opportunity to establish relationships without e-mail address.

However, you need to have a connection with the contact person.



Контакты в группах Linkedin



 One way to build links with influential people is to create a connection with their existing connections.


But perhaps the quickest way is to establish contact with influential people on LinkedIn by viewing their profile and determining the groups to which they belong. You need to join these groups and as a member of these groups, you can send a request.


 After the person accepts the invitation, you can send a direct message.

Your conversation partner will be notified by the email.



Here is a sample message that can be used:



Пример письма участнику в Linkedin





15. Free Twitter Cards.



This tool is built by all the rules of lead generation. Actually, it's called Twitter lead generation cards. It is completely for free. It is just needed to find an interesting proposal to formulate a short call to action, fill in a form, which will create a card ... and get the lead.


 The details of tweets reader are already filled in, so there is nothing to fill in manually. Subscribing to your offer will take a single click.


 For example:



Интерфейс карточек Twitter



 As you can see the cards contain the pre-filled e-mail addresses of recipients. This eliminates any hazards for communication.


The bottom line is that you can add a card and bring regular visitors to your resources.


 Here are the steps:


 Log into your Twitter account, click the tools icon and choose "Twitter Ads" from the drop-down list.


 Click "Creatives" and select "Cards"



Создание карточек в Twitter Cards



Then click “Create” button.


карточки в Twitter Cards




Enter all required information on this webpage



Заполнение карточки Twitter



 The only thing that will be required by social network is Privacy Policy of Twitterlead generation cards sender. According to the rules, the client needs to know who is collecting his personal data and the purpose of its usage. If you have no privacy policy, it is a right time to create it.



Now press the blue “Tweet” button in the right upper corner.

Click "Attach twitter card" and select the card you created in the previous step.


Создание твита




 Send your message.


Now you have a card that will collect user messages when they click CTA in twitter card lead generation.




Concluding Observations


As it was stated at the beginning, the creation of quality content is only half the battle. In order to implement the content strategy entirely (get backlinks to improve the performance of social activity, get a higher score and achieve the increase of traffic) you need to allocate as much time to promote your content as was used to create it.

The listed strategies are used by the most successful Internet marketers of the planet. Hopefully by using them, you can also achieve good results in promoting your content.