How to Organize the AdWords Account Effectively

How to effectively organize a Google Adwords account

In order to set up and use your AdWords account effectively, it is necessary to make a certain number of procedures, including settings. If you follow the instructions below, you will have no problems with creating an account.


What should be done at the beginning?



  • Determine the ads that bring conversion (for example, sales or new customers), as well as traffic.
  • Track the changes.
  • Control over the budget and expenditures.
  • Choose keywords by relevance.
  • Managing campaigns with subsequent configuring.



           Well-elaborated account structure allows you to make changes easily as well as to make the precise setting of ads targeting, which make it possible to achieve the desired objectives much faster.


            By organizing campaigns orienting on the certain topic or advertised product, you do not just get an easy-to-use account, but even create whole sets of ads and keywords which are interrelated. This approach allows you to increase your quality score and return on investment in advertising.



Tips on Effective Process of Organizing your Account



1. Organize Effective Campaign which Will Reflect Structure of your Website 



            A good way to organize the campaign will be a repetition of the idea for the site structure. Creating your groups of ads and campaigns that share a common theme or focus on a specific type of product, you can choose keywords that are directly attributable to the advertising content and ads that lead to the product page on your website.


            It stands to mention that to improve the quality and relevance of ads in your account, you can add URL-addresses which will include keywords.



            There are several sections in the web store which sells doors: 1 - entrance doors, 2 - interior doors and so on. Each type of door, such as a particular model or color has individual webpage.

 Example account structure in Google Adwords



            This is just general scheme, which can be corrected taking into account the specificity and scope of your business. For example, if you have a wide range of doors, you can make the campaign "Doors" and then divide it into thematic groups of advertisements: "Blank doors ", "Interior doors with glass inserts", "Pocket doors" etc.


            If the range of products is not merely one door, but accessories, you can add another campaign called "Findings" and create again similar thematic group of advertisements. If you sell only one product, the structure of the campaign will be more primitive.



  • Account uses the entire range of doors which are presented in the online store.
  •  Each category of doors will have separate campaign in the account.
  • Any campaign will contain multiple ad groups and each of them will advertise a specific product.



2. Create separate campaigns for each target region



When you work in several regions of the country, it is necessary to allocate an individual campaign for each region. For example, if you have 2 branches - one in New York and one in Dallas, then you should create separate campaign for each of these cities. The adaptation to a specific region and its market should be undertaken. If the business is located in different countries, it makes sense study the specificity of these countries regarding your product, as well as to translate all of the material to the language of the country.

 Example targiting for Adwords campaign


  • Campaign in Germany must contain ads that are made in German language, while the campaign in France must have ads in French.
  • Local enterprise (e.g. the logistics company) can do a separate campaign for each region and customize ads for different cities or regions. If you are focused on operations in one country or in a particular city, you can make a campaign targeted only at this location.





3. Use AdWords Editor for campaign management


            AdWords Editor is a free Google application, which is designed to manage ad campaigns. Regardless of the task whether it is editing the keyword or adding a couple hundred of ads, Editor will help to make changes to your account a lot faster.

 How the Google Adwords Editor looks like

Main advantages of Editor.

  • Adding, deleting and editing campaigns, ads or individual ad groups, keywords and placements.
  • Rapid changes, regardless of their scope.
  • Performing advanced searches and edits.
  • Organizing and subsequent viewing of information on statistics and efficiency.
  • Copying or moving items in the campaigns, groups and accounts.
  • Transferring images with subsequent archivation or a joint use.



 If you use these recommendations and will strictly follow them, you can be sure that the result will not be long in coming. If you see an outflow of potential customers, try to combine different methods and find a happy medium.


In order to set up and use your AdWords account effectively, it is necessary to make a certain number of procedures, including settings. If you follow these instructions, you will have no problems with creating an account.