Digital Advertising Service

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a process of gaining website traffic by purchasing ads on the search engines.

Key Benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising


Small initial investment

Buying traffic through the PPC won’t cost you a fortune: for a long time you don’t need to invest a lot for launching a campaign and for getting results.

Immediate results

A well-considered PPC campaign is able to draw in qualified website visitors, increase brand awareness and recognition and maximize your ROI much faster than any other form of media.

Pay only for clicks

With PPC, you pay not for placing your ads, but only when the potential visitor clicks on your ad and moves through it to your website.

Highly measurable results

You can measure performance (a number of users visiting your site in real time, sales and revenue generated) and boost your ROI by focusing your budget on ads that perform the best.

Budgeting control and scheduling

You can control when and where your ads appear, set the maximum budget you wish to spend in a particular period and stop or start your campaign at any time.

Granular targeting

PPC allows you to reach potential customers when they are searching for your products or services and even target them within a specific location (city, state, country, or your business’ surroundings) in exact time.

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What we can do for you - Our PPC Process:

The reason most pay per click accounts fail is because they don't properly plan and then they start spending money. We would like to introduce our process to you to make your business profitable.

Understanding Your Business Needs

We start by understanding your business needs and your goals in your PPC campaign. This step also includes your ideal customer profiling so that we can know who you are targeting with your campaign.

Niche research

We will learn your business niche and competitors in order to figure out the most effective keywords.

Strategy and budget planning.

The client defines the intensity of the PPC campaign and its duration based on his budget.

Keywords and Negative keywords selecting

Choosing the most important and relevant key phrases that are likely to produce quality traffic and conversion and adding negative keywords that prevent your ads from appearing for queries that rarely lead to conversion.

Account setup

It is crucial to get your ads account set-up correctly to avoid awful reports from Google in future. As well as tracking installation and testing.

Landing page creation

The ad leads potential customers to a relevant and persuasive landing page where conversion takes place.

Campaign launch and optimization

When your PPC campaign starts, we will ensure everything works great and will optimize it to get better performance.

Proper usage of traffic attracting channels lets attain the maximum advertising efficiency and sales growth.