16 Google Chrome Extensions For SEO Optimizers

16 Google Chrome extensions for SEO Optimizers Read more here: http://seoanalytics.pro/16-google-chrome-extensions-for-seo

Whether you are user of Chrome or not – you should be aware that this browser offers a lot of extensions that significantly facilitate the work of SEO-optimizers. Comparing to manual analysis links, they significantly expand the set of tools, increase productivity and save your time.

1. Mozbar

This extension is very convenient for use because of its nature overlay interface. Mozbar shows data of the web site under each link in the search results, allowing you to analyze the links indicators quickly, in the search results directly.

2. SEOquake

SEOquake is the great option for largescale Search engine results. This extension collects large amounts of data from each link and can export them to a CSV-file. The attached manual will help you understand application features of this extension.

3. Check My Links

From all the extensions for checking the broken links, Check My Links will probably be the fastest. For checking the broken links, you have to download the app, click on the launcher icon and wait 20-30 seconds. Then, these data can be sent to webmasters for replacing links to correct.

4. Domain Hunter Plus

Although this extension doesn’t work that fast, like the listed above, still it has got its own specific features that can turn out to be convenient enough for checking the broken links. After scanning, DHP shows the user a pop-up window with the results. You can export the list of broken links from this pop-up window with OSE data to CSV-file and check out, whether the site domains with the broken links are free for registration.

5. Nofollow

If you spend much time by checking potential prospects links, the Nofollow extension is a great way to check outbound links for determining the presence of the nofollow attribute. If present, a red dotted frame will be displayed around the links.

6. Scraper

Scraper will help to to clear search results from duplicates. Just right-click in the search result to use this convenient feature and then click «Scrape similar». The app will remove similar results and will leave the original sites on the issue.

7. Spell Checker For Chrome

This plugin will be in use for checking the spelling of the text. The app is easy to use: copy-paste your text into the window that appears when you click the icon on the panel. Click the button «Go! Spell check», and all words, that need edition, will be highlighted in green.

8. A Href++

To check out the long list of links without anchor, you need just to select all links, right-click and choose «A HREF++», and they will open in new tabs. Needless to say, first of all you need to install this extension.

9. Linkclump

This extension allows you to open a large number of links at one time. After installing the plugin, press and hold down the Shift key and left-click the links that you are interested in. After you select all needed, release Shift, and links will open in new tabs.

10. WOT

Plugin WOT (Web of Trust) – it is a tool that shows the ranking of the site based on the ratings of the users in the global community. In most cases good rates of WOT mean that links from this site have weight value for Google search engine.

11. Minimalist For Everything [Beta]

If you work with Gmail a lot, this extension will allow you to customize the interface of the mailbox and delete things that you don't need. There are a lot of settings in the plugin that allow to get rid of interfering elements and make work with Gmail maximally convenient.

12. Trashmail.net For Google Chrome

If you or your SEO-specialists spend a lot of time on directories, and leaving your e-mail is undesirable because of the risk to get into spamming bases, this plugin will create a temporary e-mail address for you that can be used for registration confirmations.

13. PageRank

This plugin is a perfect tool for quick check of PR websites. It’s easy to use and it displays Google Toolbar PR as one of your icon extensions.

14. Fastest Chrome

This extension is very useful for work with search engines and other websites with pagers. Scrolling down the page, you won’t need to click the link “Page 2” – it automatically gets uploaded below. Different pages of the search result will be divided by a black banner with the number of the next page. It allows to analyze the rate without going back and forth to see, what page of search result there is the website you are interested in.

Besides, when you highlight a word or phrase, a popup appears, allowing you to start Google search. This is especially useful when you read articles with professional slang in order to get acquainted with obscure terms quickly: you just need to highlight them, find information, and then return to the place where you left off.

15. Insert Text

If you need to write the same text constantly, this extension will save your time significantly. Just right-click the text field, select an option “Insert text” and then select the saved text block. This will speed up the filling of submissions for your website, when you work with directories.

16. Word Count

Plugin Word Count is the great option for checking the number of words in the article or the message. Quick show results ensures that the specific text has optimal size (or on the contrary, too short or long and requires editing).