Setting Up and Optimizing Your Google AdWords Account Properly


In this article we’ll show you how to optimize your Google PPC campaigns using tools such as Google AdWords, Google Analytics and Google Display Network to make your campaigns more effective with a smaller budget.

1. Instead Of UTM-tags Use Automatic URL Tag.

This way you will not need to manually specify all tags and all data from AdWords (id of advertisement, keyword, position etc.) will correctly transfer to Analytics.

2. Set Up Targets In Analytics And Import Conversions In AdWords

You can carry out primary analytics directly in Adwords interface. You will be able to see which requests, advertisements, groups, campaigns bring conversions.

3. How To Find Out If The Bid Is Fine In Google Display Network?

Let’s add “Percentage of received displays in Google Display Network”. If there are less than 40% of displays you need to either increase the bid or make advertisements with higher CTR.

Additionally, for search campaigns you have to set up the column. Optimal percentage of displays in the search should start from 70%.

4. How To Receive A List Of Main Competitors?

On the tab “Campaigns” select “Details” – “All”

If your percentage of gained displays is lower than 20% then you have to change something (bid, quality indicator, advertisements)

5. If You Want To Be In TOP-3 - Create Automated Rule On Keywords Tab.

If the position is lower than 3, increase the bid to 10 %.

You can also add a rule: if the position is 1.5 higher – click 10% bid. In order to stay in TOP-3 but not overpay for number 1 spot.

6. How To Automatically Clear Advertisements With Low CTR?

On the “advertisements” tab create automatic rule of key word stop page

7. How To Find Out Users Search Requests Based On Which Conversions Occurred

“Keywords” tab – “search requests”

Here you will be able to see actual requests based on which sales take place and set up additional campaign with higher CTR for them, quality indicator and increase the earnings even more.

Additionally in this tab you can find minus-words.

8. How To Increase CTR By 20% And Conversion By 30%

Not in absolute values. If your CTR was 10% in TOP-3 then it will be 12%. At that the conversion was 3% but will become 4%. Results during testing for more than 30 trade offers.

Add specifications in extensions.

Specifications is a field where you can write in USP.

Make at least 5 specifications. The more the better. Optimal number is 10.

Also, you can add other ads extensions as well.

9. Create Black-lists

For placement spots and minus-words

This way it will be easier to introduce changes in the future.

10. Make An Adaptive Website Page Proof

For the 1st of March 2016 80% of traffic from Google search for trade offers – is a mobile traffic (85% Android, 10% ios). If you do not have a normal mobile version, then turn off traffic from mobile devices in the campaign settings in the column “adjustment of bids”. You can also increase bid if you have better performance for mobile traffic.

11. On The Tab “Keywords” Add The Column “Quality Indicator”.

By default it is hidden, but the higher the quality indicator is the higher is the rating of advertisement and you can advertise yourself cheaper and get more clicks if the quality indicator will be 10 out of 10. If the quality indicator is less than 5, then you will have to overpay for clicks.

12. In Order To Predict How Much You Have To Pay in TOP-3 Add The Column “Estimate Bid For Position On Top Of The Page”

13. Set Up Accelerated Display Of Advertisements.

In the campaign settings. If you don’t set it up, then your daily budget will gradually stretch out throughout the entire day and you will lose the ability to get more clicks.

14. Switch Off The Traffic Not From Target GEO

In the campaign setting. If you only want users from Moscow then besides designation of Moscow itself in the settings of targeting, you have to specify “People from targeted location”. If you put other check boxes then you will also be shown to people from other regions, which indicated “Moscow” in their request or the Moscow region in the Google settings.

15. Turn Off The Display Of Advertisements in Applications.

Add two addresses in the placement spots exceptions:

16. Cross-minus The Groups So That The Requests Do Not Cross-over

For example you have groups.

  1. Buy an elephant

  2. Buy an elephant in Moscow

  3. Buy an elephant at a low price

  4. Buy an elephant with discount

You want group 1 to be shown at the request “buy an elephant”. This is exactly the group that will be shown. You want the group 2 to be shown at the request “Buy an elephant in Moscow” but most probably group 1 will be shown since the rating will be higher. At the request “Buy an elephant at a low price” group 3 should be shown, but once again group 1 will show instead.

You have to write down minus-words for each group just like in the table below. Also, you have to separately inflect them.



Buy an elephant

Moscow, not expensive, at a discount

Buy an elephant in Moscow

Inexpensive, at a discount

Buy an elephant cheaply

Moscow, at a discount

Buy an elephant at a discount

Moscow, not expensive

17. Use Keyword Macros

This macro places the keyword in advertisements based upon the display which occurred. Not the search request of the user but specifically the keyword.

Usage of KeyWord increases the rating of advertisement.

In advertisements you can use it at your discretion but in the displayed URL it is preferable to use it.

Full description and examples based on the link

18. Usage Of Scripts For Automated Reports.

For example, report on account about expenses, CTR, cost of click with charts. Everything is drawn out automatically. It is very convenient for reports to clients.

Manual on scripts

19. Make Lists Of Remarketing Through Analytics

In order to do this you have to connect accounts of AdWords and Analytics.

What this will give you:

1. You can set upremarking only for people that visited the website and did not make an order;

2. Show advertisement only to people that visited the website from social networks

3. Use “similar” audience for people that made an order.

20. Use {lpurl}

21. How To Automatically Turn Off Platforms In Google Display Network, Which Click Out The Budget.

Create automatized rule in “placement spots”. If the CTR >4% and the number of clicks is more than 10 then turn it off. Data use - for all time.

22. How To Find Out If You Have A Normal CTR In Google Display Network?

Turn on the column “comparative CTR” on the level of groups. It indicates how effective your advertisement is in comparison with other advertisements that are displayed in the same placement spots. For example, if the CTR of your media advertisement is 0.04% whereas for other advertisements on the same pages this indicator is 0.02%, your comparative CTR will be (0.04)/(0.02) = 2x/

The value should be more than 1

By now, you should be able to determine the right bids for your ads, create automated rules, reports, black-lists, increase your CTR and conversion rate. All of that should allow you to spend your campaign budget more efficiently.